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Dress For Success In Equestrian Style
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Dress For Success In Equestrian Style

by Afterpay Key

Equestrians who ride competitively tend to dress in accordance with the sporting guidelines of safety and etiquette. However, many people who enjoy riding horses as a hobby may not consider that what they wear can play a big role in their comfort and safety. It is important for all people who love to ride horses to consider what to wear before working with or riding a horse, not only for safety but also for comfort.

The Right Headgear Keeps You Safe

Perhaps the most important item to be considered is the headgear. While the cowboy hats of western wear may work great for shielding the sun, they are not meant to be protective in the event of a fall. There are many different types of headgear for equestrians that range in fashion as well as safety.

Properly fitted and safety certified equestrian helmets give the rider the best option for head protection. Just as people wear life jackets when boating and seat belts when riding in a car, riding helmets can lessen the possibility of tragedy in the event of a fall. Helmets are a proven way to prevent or decrease the severity of a head injury when riding horses.

Don’t Overlook The Purpose Of Footwear

Aside from the helmet, footwear is the next most important piece of attire to be considered when it comes to keeping the rider and the horse safe. There are no official testing standards for boots, but there are aspects of boots that can increase the stability of the rider in the stirrups.

The heel of the boot keeps the foot from slipping through the stirrup while riding, making the need for at least a 1 to 1 ½ inch heel a must. Treading on a boot also makes a difference in how well the boot performs in the stirrup. Whereas the tread on popular hiking boots is too heavy for the stirrup and could cause the foot to jam up, boots with slick or low treading can cause the foot to slip out.

In any case, the style of the boot is less important than how the heel and tread is designed, keeping in mind that the feet need to be securely in the stirrups to help the horse understand what to do as well as keep the rider in place.

The Benefit Of Well Fitting Clothing

Unless you will be riding in a horse show with specific dress codes, shirts and pants are more about comfort and fit than about safety when it comes to riding a horse. Well-fitting, comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather keeps the rider focused on the horse and the ride rather than worrying with loose or uncomfortable clothing.

Pants keep legs from being scratched by branches as well as provide a layer of protection from the riding gear. Covering the leg is what is most important, so riding tights that stretch for comfort and are cooler in warmer temperatures can also be worn. Riding tights are less likely to bunch up around the knees and ankles, keeping the rider free from the aggravation of continued adjustments.

Safety And Style Merge In Equestrian Wear

Equestrian wear does not have to be expensive in order to perform its best. Fabulous Horse offers a wide variety of quality styles that are specifically designed to give horseback riders safety and comfort. Dressing for the occasion is important in horseback riding, as it ensures a safe and pleasurable experience for both the rider and the horse.

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