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Planning a Winter Horseback Ride? Consider These Tips Before Jumping In The Saddle!
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Planning a Winter Horseback Ride? Consider These Tips Before Jumping In The Saddle!

by Shirley Gencarelli

The average horse owner spends over 22 hours a week with their animal. Most of this time is spent grooming and caring for the horse. Whether you have a stable on your property or you rent a stable from a third-party, making sure your horse stays warm this winter is imperative. Taking your horse for a ride during this time of year is a great way to keep them active and in shape.

However, you need to properly prepare for a winter horseback ride to avoid problems. This means you have to both prepare your horse and yourself for the cold weather common during winter. Here are some things you need to do before going on a winter horseback ride.

Focus on Wearing the Right Attire

Before you start preparing your horse for a ride during winter, you need to make sure you have the right clothing and footwear on. Ideally, you want to dress in layers when venturing out on horseback during the winter months. While temperatures may be frigid in the morning when you embark on your journey, once the sun comes out, it will warm up. If you have shirts made from moisture-wicking material, then you need to wear them on your ride.

You also need to wear boots that are both warm and not too bulky. Wearing big and bulky boots can result in your foot getting stuck in the stirrups. Are you looking for great horseback riding apparel and affordable prices? If so, The Fabulous Horse has you covered. Once you get a look at the high-quality items we have in stock, you will quickly see why horse enthusiasts love our products.

Slow Things Down To Avoid Over-Exerting Your Horse

Riding on snow-covered or icy ground can be dangerous for both you and your horse. If you plan on doing a lot of riding during the winter months, then you need to consult with your farrier to see what type of pads and ice caulks they have available. Having shoes with pads and ice caulks on them installed on your horse’s hooves can help to prevent slippage.

Traveling over cold ground is generally more difficult for your horse. This is why you need to limit the amount of time you have your horse on the trail. Shorter rides will allow you to have a good time without injuring your horse.

Use Blankets to Keep Your Horse Warm

One of the main problems horses have when riding in cold weather is pains in their muscles and joints. If these parts of your horse are not protected before a ride, it can lead to discomfort and injury. This is why using things like a quarter sheet or a rump rug to cover your horse’s muscles during a ride is so crucial.

We Have the Products You Need

At The Fabulous Horse, we pride ourselves on providing consumers with great products that are reasonably priced. Contact us to find out more about the products in our inventory.

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