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How to Make Your Child’s First Horseback Riding Lesson Safe and Fun
  • Date :
How to Make Your Child’s First Horseback Riding Lesson Safe and Fun

by Afterpay Key

Getting off of the couch and outdoors is something most parents view as a priority. Luckily, there are a variety of activities your child can participate in that will challenge them both physically and mentally. If your child has shown an interest in horseback riding, finding an experienced professional to provide them with lessons is imperative.

Over 7 million Americans ride horses each year. The biggest concern you should have as the parent of a young horseback rider is keeping them safe. While this activity is fun, it can be dangerous. This is why investing in the right clothing, safety equipment and accessories is so important. Here are some of the things you need to focus on when trying to keep your child safe during their horseback riding lessons.

Get a Safety Helmet Before the Lesson Begins

 Once you find a riding instructor, the next thing you need to do is start investing in the right gear. The main thing your child needs is a riding helmet. Without this helmet, the falls from a horse can lead to severe injuries occurring. With all of the different safety helmets on the market, choosing the right one will take time.

When looking at different riding helmets, be sure to focus on factors like:

  • The Proper Fit- As your child starts to try on riding helmets, pay attention to how well they fit. You want to make sure the helmet fits snug without being restrictive. While finding the right helmet will take time, it is worth the effort.
  • The Comfort Factor- Make sure your child fastens the harness strap on the riding helmet. This will allow you to assess how comfortable it is on them.

With the help of a knowledgeable supplier, choosing the best riding helmet will be much easier.

Proper Posture is a Must

One of the first things a riding instructor will teach your child is that proper posture is essential to stay safe while in the saddle. Your child will need to learn how to press the balls of their feet against the stirrups while riding. This will help them properly distribute their weight, which is a vital part of staying safe while engaging in this activity.

Teach a Child They Have to Walk Before They Can Run

Most children think they can bring a horse to full gallop on their first time riding. In reality, doing this will require a lot of skill and training. This is why teaching your child about patience is essential. Informing your child that learning how to ride well takes time can help them set realistic expectations for their new hobby.

The Right Riding Clothes and Accessories are a Click Away

Are you in the market for affordable riding clothes and accessories? If so, be sure to contact the team at The Fabulous Horse. Our clothing is both fashionable and functional.  When shopping with us, you can get the prices and the service you are looking for.

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