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Your Horse and You
  • Date :
Your Horse and You

by Fabulous Horse

Of course, as a rider, you tend to have all sorts of emotional connections with the horse, and that's as it should be. You're concerned about looking out for the animal's welfare and making sure that you're doing equestrian activities correctly.

But there's also the physical connection between you and your horse – made up of complicated pieces including bridles, harnesses, and the reins that transmit messages between you and your steed – kind of like an analog texting system. 

When you take the reins, you're taking control of an interesting kind of setup that helps you to communicate directly with your horse.

We have a lot of these components on our website and browse our catalog, and you can get an idea of what kind of great gear you can get to look great on your horse and make your horse look great, too. Our riding gear is sourced with you in mind – made to allow your horse to gallop the track or the high hills with you aloft, both of you exploring the world together. 

Riding Gloves

The riding gloves are great to have when you're grasping the reins to communicate commands to your animal. We have lightweight and durable riding gloves made with the best design around. When we say we have "fashionable gloves for any equestrian," – we mean it! Take a look at the beaded crystal design of our Pfiff Crystal Crown Riding Gloves, with innovative ventilation, textured coating for rein grip, and more. Or choose from various seasonal or all-weather riding glove designs. 

Another great choice is our SSG Grand Prix Swarovski Gloves, with embedded crystals from this top maker, available in black or white. 

Bridles and Gear

Want to dress up your horse? Our breakaway rhinestone halter is made with soft neoprene webbing for comfort, with an adjustable crown and chin and leather breakaway, and is available in black/pink and black/white options. Also, be sure and take a look at an ear bonnet for your favorite equine. 

Getting Dressed

In addition to these connecting accessories, we have everything you need to look great astride your horse. Bootcut jeans, competition polo shirts, San Soleil outfitting – it's all there. You won't want to miss our assortment of vests that can provide comfort in unusual weather. 

We have all of this and much more on the web site, so come in and browse! Think about what will best support you and your horse and get it delivered conveniently to your door, with all of the quality and selection you'd expect from a top boutique equestrian seller. 

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